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Group Yoga

Geoff’s yoga is a fusion of life experience derived from many traditions of yoga, martial arts and holistic therapies.

  • Each group class will follow the hatha yoga pathway and include a blend of flowing and static postures (asana) and breathwork (pranayama)
  • Some elements of meditation, visualization and other types of holistic energy work may also be incorporated
  • You will follow a flexible syllabus, exploring the vast range of physical postures and contrasting approaches to yoga practice

Great emphasis is placed on the concept of yoga as a uniquely individual path that evolves to suit the needs of each practitioner. That said, one major constant to development in yoga is to practice on a steady and consistent basis, be this in classes or as self practice at home.

  • You will gain a good understanding of the basic principles underpinning your yoga postures and will also sample contrasting approaches to practice, leading to connection of mind, body and spirit
  • This connection can be used as a springboard to develop your personal practice to a more intense level, either by trying other yoga traditions or by focusing on a particular aspect of practice
  • One-2-One sessions are recommended as a useful aid to improving postures and developing a home practice routine

Classes are suitable for various competencies from beginner to improver and are taught in an atmosphere of friendliness and good humor.

One-2-One yoga

One-2-One private yoga sessions are an ideal way to deepen your yoga practice in a supportive and safe environment. You may wish to book a one off visit to address a specific issue or have regular sessions to refocus your approach

  • Each session will be uniquely tailored to your individual needs and gives an opportunity to fully focus on principles of alignment and adjustment in postures. Areas of difficulty can be addressed such as bad backs, joint damage, stress or other specific problems.
  • Individual lesson plans can be provided to kick-start your own home practice regime.
  • The classes are ideal for individuals or small groups of up to 3 people

Japanese Massage

Japanese massage developed as a fusion of elements derived from Geoff's experience of western and eastern holistic therapies.

  • Conventional physical massage techniques designed to stretch and mobilize stiff muscles and joints are combined with elements of traditional Chinese medicine, Shiatsu and Thai massage. This combination helps to loosen and remove physical and energetic blockages, enabling the free flow of essential life energy
  • The bodies own self-healing capabilities are stimulated and the massage is a wonderful antidote to stress-related problems
  • Each session is unique to you and will promote a most profound and deep level of relaxation
Please  contact Geoff to find out more about class availability or to book a massage

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